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Learn about Chingu: A Free Collaboration Platform to Boost Your Career

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Gone are the days when developers could excel all alone. Now, a key factor to success is collaboration. And Chingu teaches you how. Below are some helpful insights I learned from Sara's interview with Chingu's co-founder, Jim Medlock.

Video: Sara Baqla's interview with Chingu's co-founder, Jim Medlock.

You’ll never experience lasting success without solid relationships. No one alone can match the cooperative effort of the right team.

—John Mason, Believe You Can

What Is Chingu?

Chingu sponsors and organizes a series of 6-week-long remote projects called Voyages, where developers:

  • Are matched together in remote teams
  • Are given a framework to follow
  • Create an application

In the process, you learn about teamwork while the Chingu admin provides lots of guidance on:

  • Collaboration
  • Agile workflow
  • Dispute resolution
  • Planning
  • Organization

What Do You Get from a Chingu Experience?

The 6-week collaboration program equips you with soft skills you usually learn only when you get a job. Chingu helps you build up some experience that is more than how to use technologies but how to:

  • Get things done.
  • Work with people.
  • Resolve problems.

So, a Chingu experience makes you stand out from other applicants by equipping you with a working knowledge of:

  • Agile software development practices
  • Team conflict management
  • Project planning and management

What Is Chingu's Methodology?

Chingu is organized around areas of responsibility—not titles. For instance, Jim's responsibility is coordinating Chingu's admin team members.

Chingu encourages members to:

  • Make mistakes because you gain deeper knowledge from mistakes and remember them far longer than things you would learn from successes.
  • Work outside of your comfort zone.
  • Have the freedom to try things out and experiment.
  • Avoid attacking or making fun of someone for the mistakes they make.

What Is Jim's Advice on the Current State of the Tech Industry?

  • Developers need to learn how to adapt to the new technologies like ChatGPT.
  • Think about how to exploit new technologies to solve users' problems.
  • Be a lifelong learner: "What you know today isn't what you need to know tomorrow."

Where Can You Learn More About Chingu?

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