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October 2023 CodeSweetly Recap #2

· 2 min read

Hey everyone!

This post is the second of a series of Recap articles. I mentioned in #1 that these recap posts will review the previous month's activities. But on second thought, I would rather have it as a quarterly review because I sometimes don't publish much during the month 😅.

So, the next three recaps will be:

  • 2023 CodeSweetly 4th Quarter Recap #3 (October - December 2023 Review)
  • 2024 CodeSweetly 1st Quarter Recap #4 (January - March 2024 Review)
  • 2024 CodeSweetly 2nd Quarter Recap #5 (April - June 2024 Review)

This means that each year will have four recap posts. Let me know what you think of this update or if you have other suggestions. Below are the CodeSweetly October publications.

2 New Articles

1 Guest Post

And that's all for October! The next recap will be in January 2024, where we will review the activities from October to December 2023.

Quote for November

By always doing more than you're paid for, you'll eventually be paid more than you're getting now.

—Brian Tracy, Maximum Achievement

Until the next recap, keep coding sweetly :)

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