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Software Development Terms Beginning with T

Temporal Dead Zone in JavaScript

A temporal dead zone (TDZ) is the area of a block where a variable is inaccessible until the moment the computer completely initializes it with a value.

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A terminal is a computer's text interface allowing you to type commands for the computer to run.

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Ternary Operator in JavaScript

Ternary operators are operators that accept three operands. An example is the conditional operator.

Test Doubles (TDD)

Test doubles are the imitation objects used to mimic real dependencies like databases, libraries, networks, and APIs.

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Test Runner

A test runner is a tool developers use to run a test script and print the test's results on the command line (CLI).

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Test-Driven Development

Test-driven development is a coding practice where you write the result you want your program to produce before creating the program.

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test() in JavaScript

test() tests its string argument for an occurrence of a regular expression.

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Text is the characters of a piece of writing.

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Text Markup

Text Markup means Text Note (that is, the note added to a text to help typesetters (or computers) better understand how to present the marked-up text).

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Textual Data

Textual data are the written contents of a page, such as letters (e.g., A, B, C), numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3), symbols (e.g., $, #, +), and code (e.g., <input>, body { background: #A18A77; }, if (condition) { //execute code }).

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Thenable (JavaScript)

Thenable in JavaScript refers to any object that contains a then() method.

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this in JavaScript

JavaScript's this keyword refers to the owner object of the keyword's method or the this value of an arrow function's lexical context.

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TO (RegExp)

A regular expression's TO operator ([a-z]) defines the range of characters you wish to find in a single character's position.

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toLowerCase() in JavaScript

toLowerCase() returns the lowercase version of its calling string.

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Top-Level Domain

The top-level domain (TLD) is what follows the domain name in a URL.

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Top-Level Module (JavaScript)

A top-level module is a script containing other modules.

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toString() JavaScript Number Method

toString() converts a number to a string of a specified radix.

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toUpperCase() in JavaScript

toUpperCase() returns the uppercase version of its calling string.

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trim() in JavaScript

trim() trims whitespace from both ends of a string.

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trimEnd() in JavaScript

trimEnd() trims whitespace only at the end of a string.

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trimStart() in JavaScript

trimStart() trims whitespace only at the beginning of a string.

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Truthy in JavaScript

Truthy values are values JavaScript considers to be true.

All JavaScript's values are true except 0 (zero), false, "" (empty string), NaN, null, undefined, and 0n (BigInt zero)—which are falsy.