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Software Development Terms Beginning with H


Hardware is the physical part of a machine.

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Hardware Interface

A hardware interface is a connection mechanism that allows communication between two or more hardware devices.

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HEAD Pointer (Git)

The HEAD pointer is a marker Git uses to reference your project's active branch (or commit).

In other words, the HEAD pointer is an indicator that shows a project's currently checked-out branch or commit.

High-Order Function

A high-order function is a function that can do one or both of the following:

  • Receive other functions as its parameter's argument.
  • Return another function as its output.

Most of the pure functions in functional programming are high-order functions.

Hoisting in JavaScript

Hoisting refers to JavaScript giving higher precedence to the declaration of variables, classes, and functions during a program's execution.

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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is an extension of plain texts. It is a note to browsers about a document's data, thereby helping browsers present webpages accurately.

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HTML Element

An HTML element is an annotative component of an HTML document that tells web browsers how to display a page and its content.

The two (2) types of HTML elements are:


Hyper means Extensive (that is, an extension of another thing).

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HyperLink means ExtensiveLink (that is, a link that acts as an extension of another link).

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HyperSpace means ExtensiveSpace (that is, a space that acts as an extension of another space).

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HyperText means ExtensiveText (that is, a text that acts as an extension of another text).

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