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Code Tidbits – Learn Programming Concepts with Images

The tidbits on this page are pictorial explanations of various programming concepts.

Keep in mind that each image is a tidbit of an article on this website. So, when you wish to learn more, go to the post for that tidbit.

HTML Tidbits

HTML annotates the content a web browser will displayHTML element equals Opening tag plus Content plus Closing tagHTML describes data. CSS styles elements. JavaScript commands items.HTML annotates content. CSS defines an element's style. JavaScript programs an item's actions.

JavaScript Tidbits

Anatomy of a JavaScript variableInitialization assigns an initial value to a declared variable.Rest parameter equals Rest operator plus Regular parameterRest variable equals Rest operator plus Regular variableThe anatomy of a JavaScript object destructuring assignmentA JavaScript properties object anatomy

WebDev Tidbits

A URL consists of a scheme, domain, port, file path, one or more parameters, and an anchor.DNS Hierarchy goes from the Root Level Domain to the Top Level Domain to the Domain name and the Subdomain.