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CSS Ruleset Explained – What Is a CSS Ruleset?

A CSS ruleset consists of an element selector and a properties declaration block.

Here's an illustration:

Anatomy of a CSS

CSS ruleset equals selector plus declaration block

Note the following:

  • A selector selects HTML elements. In other words, developers use CSS selectors in a stylesheet to select the HTML elements they which to style.

  • A declaration block ({...}) groups one or more CSS declarations separated by semicolons (;).

  • A CSS declaration consists of a CSS property name and value separated by a colon (:).

  • It is best to use a semicolon after each declaration (including the last one) to prevent forgetting to add it in the future when adding more properties.

Example: Declare Red Text Color for All <div> Elements

div {
color: red;

Try it on StackBlitz

In the above snippet,

  • div is the CSS selector that selects the HTML <div> elements we wish to style.
  • color: red; is the CSS declaration that declares the style we wish to apply to the <div> element.
  • color is the declaration's property name.
  • red is the declaration's property value.


This article discussed what a CSS ruleset is. We also used an example to understand how to define and use it.

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