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Software Development Terms Beginning with W

Web address

A web address is a website's specific location on the web.

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Web APIs connect a caller to the resource and services of a web-based system.

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Web Host

A web host is an organization that owns servers and rents spaces to people who need to host their web documents.

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Web Storage

Web storage is the JavaScript API browsers provide for storing data locally and securely within a user's browser.

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A web page is a single code file configured by an editor to interconnect with other documents on the World Wide Web (WWW).


A website is a set (or collection) of web pages configured by an editor to interconnect with other documents on the World Wide Web (WWW).

while Loop Statement in JavaScript

A while loop instructs the computer that while a specified condition is true, it should execute the while loop's code block repeatedly.

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Wildcard (RegExp)

Regular expression's wildcard operator (.) specifies that you wish to find any character that is not the newline or any other line terminator characters.

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Word Boundary (RegExp)

Regular expression's word boundary operator (\b) asserts that you wish to find the RegExp pattern at a word's starting (or ending) boundary.

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World Wide Web

World Wide Web (WWW) is the global connection between servers' webpages.

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Working Directory

A working directory is a local folder you create to store all your project's files.

As such, any folder you create anywhere on a system is a working directory.

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A workstation is a powerful computer (or laptop) used for technical and engineering works like software development, computer-aided designs (CAD), and other graphics-intensive projects.